Carrefour Petanque Club Results
+ Photos 2006
Carrefour Petanque Club Island of Jersey
Carrefour Petanque Club Island of Jersey

Results and Photos  2005
Welcome to Petanque
Summer Singles+Double League Results 2006

Singles League 1
1st Rob Birch   
2nd Marc Nicol   
3rd Mick Cotillard

Singles League 2
1st Martin Illien
2nd Lol Therin   
3rd Dan Gayet

Singles League 3
1st Marion Romeril
2nd Brian Mollet      
3rd Joan Le Roy    
Singles League 4
1st Roy Langlois      
2nd Misako Dickinson
3rd Neil Selby           
Doubles League 1
1st Niall Fennessy+Tim Bechelet
2nd Marc Nicol+Chris Romeril      
3rd Rob Birch+Keith Boleat         

Doubles League 2
1st Bernie Birch+Mick Cotillard 
2nd M.Gouedard+A.Charlesworth
3rd Graham Walker+Dave Grover

Doubles League 3
1st Les Quenault+Eunice Jehan
2nd Michel Morel+Neil Selby      
3rd Roy Langlois+Brian Mollet

Carrefour Petanque Club 65 Games
Jersey Petanque Club      52 Games
Inter Club 2nd Leg at the CPC Ground
Carrefour Petanque Club
37 Games
Jersey Petanque Club
20 Games
Inter Club 1st Leg at the JPC Ground
Jersey Petanque Club
32 Games
Carrefour Petanque Club
28 Games

2nd September 2006
Ladies+Mens Singles
Sponsored by
Christopher James Products
1st Heather McGrath
2nd Joan le Roy         
3rd  Misako Dickinson
1st Niall Fennessy
2nd Lol Therin       
3rd Rob Birch       

19th August 2006
Sponsored by
Many Hands Domestic Agency
Tel:+44(0)1534 780939
Neil Selby+Michel Morel+Chris Satchwell
Keith Lajoie+Maurice Richard+Lawrence De la Haye
Brian Mollet+Frank+Bob Morel

12th August 2006
Summer Melee
Sponsored by
Chris Satchwell School of Motoring
Tel:+44(0)7797 718585
Results and Photos

29th July 2006
Married Couples
1st Ruth+Dave Perree
2nd Daphne+Lol Therin
3rd Barbara+Dave Grover

2nd July 2006
Inter Insular Jersey V Guernsey
Held at the Guernsey Club De Petanque
After 5 Years Jersey has recovered
The Trophy
26 games to 22 Games

Triples 27th May 2006
Sponsored by
Nev Ahier (Honest Nev) Book Makers
1st Mick Cotillard+Neil Selby+Tony Lagaduu
2nd Bernie Birch+Dot Rowcliff+Brian Mollet
3rd Eunice Jehan+Rob Birch+Brian Daghorn

Jean Pierre James Doubles 20th May 2006
Sponsored by
D.H.Sutherland Ltd Building Contractors
1st Chris Romeril+Keith Boleat
2nd Ken Luce+Lol Therin          
3rd Tony Pezet+Maurice Richard

Open Singles 6th May 2006
Dave de Ste Croix Open
Fresh Food Stores
1st Bernie Birch (CPC)
2nd Tim Bechelet (CPC)
3rd Rob Birch (CPC)     
D.H. Sutherland Ltd. Singles Plate
1st Maurice Richard (CPC)
2nd Tony Lagadu (CPC)  
3rd Dennis Le Mercier (JPC)
D.H. Sutherland Ltd Singles Consolage
1st Mick Cotillard (CPC)   
2nd Mary Whittaker (CPC)
3rd Lol Therin (CPC)

Easter Melee
1st Dave Perree         3 Wins +23
2nd Rob Birch           3 Wins +20
3rd Maurice Richard 3 Wins +18
Booby Mick Dickinson

1st April Singles Melee
Sponsored By
Many Hands Domestic Agency
Tel:726589 Fax:780939
1st Robert Birch 3 Wins  +25     
2nd Roy Langois 3 Wins +23      
3rd Lol Therin 3 Wins +22            
1st Ruth Perree 3 Wins +25         
2nd Jill Gayet 2 Wins +10              
3rd Misako Dickinson 2 Wins +8

25th March Doubles Melee
Sponsored by
D.H.Sutherland Building Contractors Ltd
1st Neil Selby+Bob Morel  3 Wins +14             
2nd Les Quenault+Mick Dickinson 2 Wins +14
3rd Dan Gayet+Roy Langlois 2 Wins +12          

4th March
President V Vice President
Vice President 10 Games    President  4 Games
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